EQUINOX Moodboard & Playlist

Yes, I am fully aware of my lack in posting, I’m a horrible human being, I know. But what’s a junior in high school to do? I barely have enough time to sleep…let alone satisfy my indulgent hobby of creating kick-ass content for you all. I do have a few things lined up to be posted in the near future but bear with me. SATs and colleges are not a myth, clearly.

Not to make small talk, but the weather, man. It was like 20 degrees two weeks ago, 80-90 degrees earlier this week, and now were back in the nadir of weather. I’m talkin’ stormy, cold, and rainy…not ideal.

The only really good thing about this sort of weather though is the ability to use it as an excuse for anti-climacitic and unproductive days that consist of nothing but rumpled blankets, soothing yet groovy music, and aesthetically pleasing Instagram stalking.

To be frank, I kind of hope you guys haven’t been as efficient as you would like to be either so we can all just wallow in what foggy fall days like this are meant for. So here are the necessary ingredients for that perfect lazy fall day.


T H E  P L A Y L I S T

Just let it happen.



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